PIOP 3 - LEAP2A Interoperability projects 2010

TAG Developments are partners in the PIOP 3 projects which is developing the Leap2A specification for ePortfolio interoperability. We believe that ensuring interoperability between different ePortfolio systems is vital to the long term success of the ePortfolio project and community. End users need to know that time invested in one ePortfolio system now can easily be transferred to another system at a later date.

TAG Developments are developing Leap2A export functionality for MAPS 3 which will enable user portfolios to be imported from other systems that support the LEAP2A standard as well as to allow the export of MAPS portfolio data for use in other systems.

This will mean that information entered into a CV application in one context can be imported into MAPS without the user needing to re-enter the same content again.

Similarly evidence uploaded against portfolio tasks and activities within MAPS will be available for other systems to import.

For comprehensive information on the project including links to the other project partners, click: http://wiki.leapspecs.org/2A/specification

Who to contact

Karim Derrick is the project manager.

Sanjeevan Ambalavanar is the project developer.

Example data

MAPS 3 sample Leap2A export"
Direct link to Leap2A XML

Mapping document

Mapping document (.doc)
Mapping document (.odt)

Demo login

Our staging version of MAPS 3 is located at dev01.maps-ict.com/maps3-frontend
Login information for demo account:
Username: piopuser
Password: piopuser


The importer and exporter are available in the settings page, access via the link on the top right of the page.
The exporter can be accessed directly after login via http://dev01.maps-ict.com/maps3-frontend/leap2a/start